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With decades of experience, the founder and owner of Clutter Corrections, your personal organizer, is a professional who can organize and transform any space.

With decades of experience, the founder and owner of Clutter Corrections is a professional who can organize and transform any space. Corliss became a professional organizer because she loves to turn chaotic challenges into a beautiful, functional, and peaceful oasis. As a child, her parents gave Corliss tasks that would keep her busy and entertained for hours – and the family learned that organizing would always do the trick. Her love of organizing never faded. At first only family and friends benefitted from her experience and “eye,” but eventually, Corliss decided to transform her passion into a profession.

For over 30 years, Corliss has successfully balanced her careers in healthcare and real estate while helping de-stress others. By organizing both their physical and mental clutter, she uses her communication, motivational, and organizational skills to help create peace in what others view as chaotic situations.

Corliss had a lengthy and successful career as a healthcare professional, which inspired her to create the “Corliss Core Values.” Organized around patient-centered care, she brings this same understanding and empathy to meet each client where they are and work with them to get to where they want to be. As a mother of two sons, one son with autism, she leverages her understanding and patience to know precisely when to advance her clients to the next level. Corliss empowers her clients to learn the “Corliss Core Values” to find their best selves in any space they desire, home or office. She guides all clients to commit comfortably to a sustainable lifestyle change.

Now she brings that love of organization to you. As a professional organizer, Corliss goes into her clients’ homes or offices, bringing order to chaos, neatness to clutter, and strategic processes to deliver a functional, comfortable space. She lives and works in the Silver Spring area with clients throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Her commitment to constructing meaningful and productive growth in her community means she dedicates her efforts to support a diverse array of clients.

Corliss is excited for an opportunity to organize with you. In one clean sweep, Corliss can help you create a plan, find efficient organizing strategies, and help gain and maintain control of your life.

Every day she personifies her passion statement: Rearrange. Renew. Live Well!™

The Corliss Core Values are:
  • Living With Less is More
  • Everything Has A Home
  • When You Are Ready, We Will Help
  • Start What You Intend to Finish
  • Every Job Will Get Done With Steady, Consistent Progress

Home & Home Office Organizing

Home is where the heart is. It’s also where we keep most of our belongings, which can accumulate to create an unsightly, unusable mess. Let us transform your space, lifting a weight off your shoulders.

Aging In Place

If you are one of 70% of Americans who prefers to spend their golden years in their own home, Clutter Corrections can help transform your space, making it safe and accessible for changing needs.

Clean Out

Losing a loved one is the hardest time to think about material possessions. Clutter Corrections gently and strategically guides you through the process of organizing and disposing of your loved one’s things.


A move can be stressful. Clutter Corrections helps declutter and organize your possessions to prepare for a move or sale, as well as unpacking and arranging for a successful fresh start in your new home.

Looking for a customized plan & clutter reduction


“Corliss did a wonderful job organizing our kid’s playroom. She helped us cull the toys, and created a thoughtful plan to store them. She even offered useful tips on teaching and inspiring kids to keep their things clean and tidy. Thank you, Corliss!”